Website Analysis
Search Engine Placement, Keyword Optimization, Website Traffic Monitoring, Internet Marketing

Direct Marketing
Direct Mail
Direct Response

Creative Development
When you start your project you start with an idea! if its for a product, a new business, or a potential concept . every thing starts from a spark. Our Creative team works hand in hand with our clients to bring their visions to life. Then our financial and marketing teams work together to give you a full market analysis.
Is your idea  profitable?. . Who is your target market?.. What would it take to get you to where you want to be?

Our creative designers will target your market and create a unique LOOK a STYLE a COLOR that will represent you exactly as you want to be seen by your customers

Product research
One of the most important stages is the product research where we look for other products and or companies out there that sell or represent the same idea as you, when you know who is your competitor you can plan a head and bypass the optical he had

In todays online world a campaign is based on the exposer that you have as a brand, We find creative ways how to get you out there into the crowds, through targeted bogs and face to face street campaigns where we will plant the seeds for your future exposure