Website Analysis
Search Engine Placement, Keyword Optimization, Website Traffic Monitoring, Internet Marketing

Direct Marketing
Direct Mail
Direct Response

Advertising & Production - TV - Radio - Print - Internet.
Counter Mind Media Is a full service video production company that has over 10 years of experience in the advertising and video production industry our Directors are from the leading in the business and has generated endless successfully results for our and their clients,
we also hold on board a full scale staff of graphic designers, writers, and public relations professionals,

Public Service Announcements, Promotions
The usage of a press releases as part of your campaign is one of the most powerful tools to start your campaign our creative writers will create the perfect press release for your need and submit it to over 5,000 agencies out there that will Blog, Review and cover your new establishment

Demonstration Video,
One the benefits of using our service to create your TV commercial is the fact that we will also generate your demonstration video in the same time for your own corporate use